Thursday, June 5, 2014

My Little Model

So I got to do something super fun this week. Some of you may not know, but I do social media marketing for a nonprofit organization called Pearls with Purpose. Part of that job is blogging, so even though I ignore this little blog of mine, I still blog for my actual job. Best. Job. Ever.

Anyway, I wanted to host a giveaway to start driving more traffic to our social media sites and the blog. So I got in touch with the awesome peeps at Freshly Picked moccasins, and we arranged to give a pair of these adorable mocs on the PWP blog. I got a pair to have Maylie wear and then write a review on to go along with our giveaway. It was so fun.

I loved putting together an outfit around these super cute mocs and taking pictures of May. Here's a few of the ones I took for the post:

And our giveaway is still running and has very few entries, so if you want a pair of these awesome mocs, go enter here! They have tons of amazing colors and sizes to chose from for both little girls and boys. Seriously go check them out.