Monday, May 5, 2014

Maylie Monday: A Visit from Gam and Papa

Wanna know what Maylie has been begging for for several weeks? Gam and Papa. I made the huge mistake of telling her they were coming to visit soon, and then she could not quit talking about it. First thing in the morning, "Gam and Papa here?" First thing after day care, "Gam and Papa coming?" Every day right before bed, "Gam come tomorrow in her car and bring Papa."

I felt so bad because every day I would have to tell her that it was x-amount of days before they were actually going to get here, and she couldn't quite grasp that.

Finally, though, they were here and we got to spend a whole fun-filled weekend with my parents. Little girl was so excited to have them here, but she has been really confused where they went when they left. She keeps saying, "Gam and Papa come back." Too cute. We will have to make a trip to Mesquite soon because I doubt she is going to make it very long.

Naturally I took only a few photos this weekend, and most of them were for graduation (which I'll post about later), so here's just an adorable one that my dad sent me this morning.

My parents took May up the canyon and they found some fish, which May was really excited about. She got to feed them and everything. 

Thanks Gam and Papa for the awesome weekend! Come back soon!


  1. She is so cute! I love reading about her spunky personality! :)

  2. so cute! love how much she loves them! you need to post those pictures of her from your instagram!

  3. That's adorable! Babies say the cutest little things, it's great that she loves them so much. This photo is so cute, I'm so happy you enjoyed your weekend and God bless! ;)

    XO, Claire