Monday, March 24, 2014

Maylie Monday: Tiny Adult

For quite some time now Ryan has called Maylie his "Tiny Adult." I don't know why he started calling her this, but as of late it has become a really accurate nickname. A lot of the time she talks in complete sentences and says these big words that I don't feel like she should know yet. There is something really comical about a little person saying grown up words, and she crack us up every day. She never knows why we think she is funny either. She just laughs at us laughing or looks really confused.

She says things like "this is fantastic," and "I love you very, very much." She is polite, and is getting good at saying sorry without being asked. Sometimes if we ask her to move or put something back she quickly says, "Oh, I'm sorry." So cute.

And here's a few pics of May and Daddy from this weekend, cause what's a blog post without some pics?

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