Monday, February 17, 2014

Maylie Monday: My Sweetheart

Guys, Maylie has been seriously so good this week. I cannot get over it. I know I complain a lot about the terrible two's, but we have had the funnest week. And we haven't even done anything special, she just has been so happy. I've made an effort recently to try to let her know I understand her. I think a lot of our frustration was coming from us both feeling like we weren't being listened to, so I decided to show her that I really am listening. Ryan has gotten on board too, and I have seen their relationship grow tons in just the last few days. It's awesome.

And since she's been such a sweetheart and it was just Valentine's it seemed appropriate to share this pic of May right after waking up on Valentine's to treats (that were really meant for Ryan) and a little stuffed animal.

I'm really digging her fake "cheese" in this pic. Hope everyone had a wonderful V-day!


  1. This is adorable!!! How wonderful that you can see relationships blossoming right in front of you. :-)