Tuesday, February 18, 2014

3 Years.

We have been married three years. THREE YEARS. Can anyone else believe that it has been three years? I sure can't.

Thanks Ry for loving me and all my flaws. I've loved every moment of the last three years, even the crazy, chaotic ones. Here's to a million more!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Maylie Monday: My Sweetheart

Guys, Maylie has been seriously so good this week. I cannot get over it. I know I complain a lot about the terrible two's, but we have had the funnest week. And we haven't even done anything special, she just has been so happy. I've made an effort recently to try to let her know I understand her. I think a lot of our frustration was coming from us both feeling like we weren't being listened to, so I decided to show her that I really am listening. Ryan has gotten on board too, and I have seen their relationship grow tons in just the last few days. It's awesome.

And since she's been such a sweetheart and it was just Valentine's it seemed appropriate to share this pic of May right after waking up on Valentine's to treats (that were really meant for Ryan) and a little stuffed animal.

I'm really digging her fake "cheese" in this pic. Hope everyone had a wonderful V-day!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Super corny title right? But I think that pictures really do speak to us more than words often can. That's why images are so powerful and influential, and today I am linking up with Lauren and Haley again to share one of my favorite images and the story behind it.

I have always cherished pictures. Even in high school I carried my camera with me always. I love being able to re-live moments and to discover new emotions they bring over time.

The story behind this image is obvious, and I imagine most mothers would identify their favorite picture as one of their children. I am no exception, but what I love most about this picture is Ryan's face. I love this expression, and I have only seen it on the most important of occasions. It is so candid and real. To me, this expression is love, pride (in the best way), and sincere joy.

Another reason I love this photo is that while you can't see them, I know my husband is looking at his family in this photo. Ryan's family drove down (by a lucky accident) the week before I was due to give birth. It just so happened that my water broke that day. They came by and visited us in the hospital, but when it got late they decided to leave to go get some rest. After Maylie was born at 3 am, we called my mom and Ryan's whole family to come back. I am so grateful to have had such wonderful, sleepy family there to experience the earliest moments of Maylie's life.

Also, May has just the cutest profile ever, and I love how calm and alert she is for being brand new!

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Maylie Monday: Bowler

Last week we decided to do a little family date night (plus our friend Miles who was lonely cause his wife was out of town). We went bowling, and little girl loved it! Mostly she just liked carrying the ball and pushing it down the ramp they give to kiddos. She especially loved it when they turned off the lights and bumped up the music! She was dancing in between each of her turns.

This little girl was so good that she even beat Daddy and Miles! (In all fairness, she did have bumpers).

Thursday, February 6, 2014

One of the Many Reasons I'm Glad I'm Married

I have many reasons why I love being married, but here is a little story that happened today that gave me a reminder of just how much I don't miss being single:

So there I was, sitting in the hallway in between classes. I was doing some reading and catching up on homework, but one of my favorite things to do is people watch. I know that sounds insanely creepy, but it all started with an assignment I had about five years ago.

In my very first creative writing class, my professor gave us an assignment to go to a public place, watch people, and write down our judgements about them. Um, ridiculously cool homework right? Okay, maybe I'm just weird. But it's a great way to generate character and story ideas. Anyway, ever since this first assignment, I have found that I am really observant of those around me. I used to even carry a notebook to write down observations... Again, I swear its not creepy!!

So back to today, I'm sitting in the hall and a group of dance students across from me strike up a conversation about their dating life. One girl in particular  goes on a rant about her now ex-boyfriend cheated on her. And what dating story would be complete without a detailed description of how she stalked and then broke into her boyfriend's house to confront him when he got home from hanging out with another girl. Not to excuse the guy's obviously flawed behavior, but clearly the proper reaction was breaking and entering.

Guys, I don't miss the drama of dating... Like at all. I like to think I was a completely rational and sane girlfriend, but honestly, I think we can all assume that wasn't completely true.  BUT to be fair I only acted "crazy" when the guy was actually up to something, so I'm going to say any "crazy" actions were justified. In other words, guys make girls act "crazy," and dating was just not my thing.

It's little things that remind me how blessed I am to be married to such a wonderful man (It's February, I'm allowed to be a little mushy, okay?). I'm also blessed to be married to a man who doesn't bring out the "crazy" in me! And on top of all the other wonderful aspects of marriage, I am so grateful to not be a part of the dating world.

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Monday, February 3, 2014

Maylie Monday: The Negotioator

You know what is never fun? A two-year old outsmarting you. And it happens all of the time in our house.

I think I've convinced myself that we are compromising, but in reality, she's just getting what she wants in a round-about way.

For instance, every little thing is a negotiation. The other night we driving home from getting ice cream and playing at the McDonald's play place (something she already talked us into doing), and on the way home she said, "I wanna watch TB (TV)." I told her we could talk about it when we got home. It was already late, and she still needed a bath. I was hoping she would just forget about it. Well she didn't.

The rest of the ride home consisted of her repeating, "Watch a show. Talk about it, okay?" I'd correct her and say it was "Talk about watching a show." But she was sneaky and kept saying it in reverse. She continued to repeat her plea to watch a show before bed throughout her bath. I finally said, "Ok, one show. Then bed."

I have this trick though. I just fast forward her show so it's almost to the end. We watch about 5-10 minutes, and then we go to bed. She's yet to catch on, but I suppose she will sooner or later. So I caved, and we watched a few minutes of TV.

She sure does have me all figured out.

And I thought this photo demonstrated how time-out goes in our house. We've been using her bed for time-out. When Ryan puts her in time-out, she cries and waits for him to come get her. When I put her in time-out, she takes a nap. That girl of ours.