Monday, January 13, 2014

Maylie Monday: Papa's Cheerleader

My dad went to college at Florida State, so naturally he is a huge Seminoles fan. Maylie has had an inordinate amount of Florida State gear since she was born. We were especially glad to have an awesome reason for Miss May to wear a little cheerleader outfit when the Noles made it to the BCS Championship game.

Admittedly, she was not too sure about the outfit, so maybe cheerleading isn't in her future, but we managed to snag a couple cute pictures of her in it.

And not to downplay the Seminoles' talent or anything, but we're pretty sure they won since Miss May cheered them on ;)

 photo Signature3.png


  1. just stumbled upon your blog. your little girl is the absolute cutest!

    1. Oh thank you! We think we will keep her!

  2. Oh my! Maylie looks so cute! Too bad she’s not that interested in cheerleading. But maybe when she gets to high school she will be, right? I think she’ll make a very pretty and great cheerleader. It’s so nice that you were able to take great pictures of her. This is great. :D

    Jennine Stalder @ UE Sports