Wednesday, December 11, 2013

TGBTL Link Up: Holiday Favorites

I had such an awesome experience last week being a part of "The Girl Between the Lines" link-up that Hayley and Lauren put together, so I am so excited to participate again this week!

This weeks topic is: share some of your favorite things about the holidays.

I don't know what it is, but I am so excited for Christmas this year. I think it is probably mostly due to the fact that Little Miss is old enough to kind of understand the holiday. Not completely, of course, but she reminds me every day that Santa is going to bring her presents. I am just loving sharing and beginning traditions with our little girl. So here's a few things about the holiday season that I absolutely love:

1. I love wrapping presents. I know that seems silly, but I seriously love to pick out the paper and the ribbon and wrap everything. Growing up, I always offered to wrap all of our family's gifts (excluding my own), and now I always look forward to wrapping gifts for my hubby and Maylie. 

2. I love the spirit that Christmas brings to most people. Maylie and I have been watching Charlie Brown's Christmas Special on Netflix a ton this month, and Charlie says a quote that I just love. Lucy tells him in the spirit of Christmas, she is going to be nicer to him during this time of year, and he says, "Why does it have to be just this time of year?" I love that Christmas is a time when everyone seems to remember those around them, and they go out of their way to contribute small acts of kindness, but I love even more how this time of year is a reminder of how we should treat others always.

3. I love the food around Christmas. Seriously. Mass amounts of fresh baked cookies and treats. I'm in heaven. 

4. I love the little traditions that seem to go unnoticed. For instance, my brother and I have a little debate about who gets to hang certain ornaments on my parent's tree. Specifically, Mr. and Mrs. Mouse. These mice are a bride and groom, and Joey and I seriously get into it about who gets to hang the mice and who will get the mice after my parents die (super cheerful right?). It got to the point to where we had to designate who gets even years and who gets odds. I can't remember right now, but it's written down somewhere.

Overall, I just the way Christmas feels. There is something whimsical about driving around looking at the pretty lights and drinking mass amounts of hot chocolate. Happy Holidays all! Hope you're all loving the Christmas season as much as I am!

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  1. Wrapping presents is my FAVORITE, too! I love picking cute paper and tying beautiful bows. And making cute label cards for each present. I just love the beauty and creativity you can apply and how beautiful they look under the tree! It's the little things;) Thanks for linking up!!

  2. I'm dying over that last pic of May lady! So cute.

  3. I love your description of your little argument with your brother over the ornaments--it's those unique details that make the best memories!

  4. I love wrapping presents, too! I spend way too much money getting fun things to wrap gifts with! I love the pictures in this post and your little "feud" with your brother is hilarious! :) Thanks for linking up with us!