Monday, December 2, 2013

Maylie Monday: Scarred for Life

Thanksgiving weekend was filled with tons of fun, family, and food. We drove down to Moab to go Jeeping. The whole way there May kept saying, "Trip! Trip! Trip!" So cute.

But while we were there, Little Girl had some traumatic experiences. I am convinced she is forever going to hate chocolate now.

First, Aunt Riki stuffed May so full of chocolate ice cream that she lost her cookies just minutes later (Thanks for that Rik, I'll repay the favor one day).

Then, we were getting hot chocolate at the gas station, and May pulled a steaming cup right down on her. Luckily, we got her clothes off right away, and she didn't get any burns. Just shock and a traumatic experience.

This is what we came up with to keep her head from bobbing around while she napped while we were on the trails.
She also begs to drive now every time we get in the car.
But, despite it all, Little Girl had a blast this weekend. She kept asking to go "Jeep in the dirt." I can tell she's just going to be our little adventurer.

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  1. That hot chocolate thing was the worst experience ever.....I was so scared she was going to be burned. yowza! She's such a trooper....all she cared about was the mess she made - ahhh broke my heart.