Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Two Years in the Making

I know I usually use this blog for posting pictures of our little family, but I am just too happy with this to not share it somewhere!! I found this picture on Pinterest almost two years ago (original link no longer works):

I loved it and wanted to create something similar to it, but it has taken me this long to finish it! I lucked into the cabinet doors, and I found all the frames at DI. I painted them all, roughed them up, and stuck my pictures in them. I then used my Silouette Cameo to cut out the vinyl on the cabinets, and this is where I quit for awhile. I was running low on vinyl, so I hung my frames and it sat on our bedroom wall like that until we moved.

But we just got settled into our new apartment, and we bought lots of vinyl. So I decided it was time to finish my collage. Here's the final product:

I really love it. Our room is much smaller than our last one so it looks a little cluttered, but I kind of dig that. But since it took me so long to finish it, my photos are way out of date (Maylie is six months old in the most recent ones)! Guess it's time for some new family photos!