Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Road to a Ryan Approved Cookie

Ryan loves chocolate chip cookies. He really, really loves them, but even though they are his favorite cookie, he is really particular about them. Over the last three years I have tried at least fifteen different recipes, and each time he would say one of these: "Too much (insert ingredient here)," "Not soft enough," "Maybe don't put so much vanilla next time." As if it's even possible to taste a teaspoon of vanilla.
Now I am making him sound really bad, but the cookies always got eaten, and he always complained really nicely.
I came across this recipe from Back for Seconds on Pinterest. It looked promising and had all of the qualities Ryan is usually picky about (IE: softness). I cut the recipe in half and only used milk chocolate chips because he doesn't like semi-sweet.
And I finally got a thumbs up from Ryan, which means I can finally end my search for chocolate chip cookies! I even overcooked the first batch, and he still liked them. The second batch I watched more carefully, and they really did come out perfect. Even I think they are pretty great! If you are in need of a new recipe, try this one out! You won't be disappointed!

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