Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Maylie Tuesday (Whoops): Pumpkin

(So I really did write this Monday night, but apparently I never posted. Whoops. Enjoy Maylie Tuesday!)
Since it is getting close to Halloween, it is only natural that Maylie has become obsessed with pumpkins. She points them out to me and sometimes tells me they are "scary." We went to Myke and Aubree's to carve pumpkins tonight and May was obsessed. She was a little upset we wouldn't let her carve hers, and she didn't much care for the guts, but overall I think she thought it was pretty cool. She kept saying, "MayMay cut it up!" Thanks Myke and Aubz for a way fun night!

Sad that she couldn't "Cut it up."
Happy helper!
Myke top and Ryan(and Maylie) bottom.

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