Monday, October 28, 2013

Maylie Monday: The Con-Artist

Miss May has become the master con-artist, but she only uses her abilities to extend her bedtime. As soon as we go to lay her down she starts her routine. "TV! Mommy! Daddy! I sick! Medicine! Eat! TV! Eat! Sanich (Sandwich)!" This goes on and on until I cave and make her a sandwich that she doesn't eat, and then she asks to drink water from a glass with a specific straw of her choosing. If at any point during the charade I decide to put my foot down, she has a total meltdown. I know that I should just stop giving into it, and eventually she will understand this isn't an option anymore, but I feel bad because every so often she really is hungry and eats the whole sandwich and then some. And I really don't want her to go to bed hungry! That crazy girl. She sure keeps us on our toes.

Eating ONLY the onions off her sandwich. What kind of kid even likes onions?

How am I supposed to say, "no," to this face??

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  1. I always say it is a good thing kids are so darn cute!