Saturday, October 12, 2013

El Paso

It is really rare when the four of us can spend some time just together. This is understable. Joey lives in Texas. We live in Utah, and we have a family which always makes things more difficult. But my brother graduated from a specialty school in the Army, and we wanted to come down to visit and celebrate with him. However, tickets were super expensive, so it became more feasible for just me to come and for Ryan and Maylie to have a daddy/daughter weekend.

I definitely have missed my cute little family, but it has been nice to spend some time with my brother and parents without having to worry about if May is sleepy, or hungry, or bored.

Joey has been showing us El Paso, and we have eaten so much that I am not planning on eating for days when I get back. Here's a few pictures from the trip so far:

We took a tram up the Franklin mountain and could see all of El Paso and Juarez.

Dad and I got these sweet "Fiat" glasses for filling out a survey. 
This trip has been a lot of fun, but I can't wait to get back to my sweet little girl and hubby!

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