Monday, October 28, 2013

Maylie Monday: The Con-Artist

Miss May has become the master con-artist, but she only uses her abilities to extend her bedtime. As soon as we go to lay her down she starts her routine. "TV! Mommy! Daddy! I sick! Medicine! Eat! TV! Eat! Sanich (Sandwich)!" This goes on and on until I cave and make her a sandwich that she doesn't eat, and then she asks to drink water from a glass with a specific straw of her choosing. If at any point during the charade I decide to put my foot down, she has a total meltdown. I know that I should just stop giving into it, and eventually she will understand this isn't an option anymore, but I feel bad because every so often she really is hungry and eats the whole sandwich and then some. And I really don't want her to go to bed hungry! That crazy girl. She sure keeps us on our toes.

Eating ONLY the onions off her sandwich. What kind of kid even likes onions?

How am I supposed to say, "no," to this face??

Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Road to a Ryan Approved Cookie

Ryan loves chocolate chip cookies. He really, really loves them, but even though they are his favorite cookie, he is really particular about them. Over the last three years I have tried at least fifteen different recipes, and each time he would say one of these: "Too much (insert ingredient here)," "Not soft enough," "Maybe don't put so much vanilla next time." As if it's even possible to taste a teaspoon of vanilla.
Now I am making him sound really bad, but the cookies always got eaten, and he always complained really nicely.
I came across this recipe from Back for Seconds on Pinterest. It looked promising and had all of the qualities Ryan is usually picky about (IE: softness). I cut the recipe in half and only used milk chocolate chips because he doesn't like semi-sweet.
And I finally got a thumbs up from Ryan, which means I can finally end my search for chocolate chip cookies! I even overcooked the first batch, and he still liked them. The second batch I watched more carefully, and they really did come out perfect. Even I think they are pretty great! If you are in need of a new recipe, try this one out! You won't be disappointed!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Maylie Tuesday (Whoops): Pumpkin

(So I really did write this Monday night, but apparently I never posted. Whoops. Enjoy Maylie Tuesday!)
Since it is getting close to Halloween, it is only natural that Maylie has become obsessed with pumpkins. She points them out to me and sometimes tells me they are "scary." We went to Myke and Aubree's to carve pumpkins tonight and May was obsessed. She was a little upset we wouldn't let her carve hers, and she didn't much care for the guts, but overall I think she thought it was pretty cool. She kept saying, "MayMay cut it up!" Thanks Myke and Aubz for a way fun night!

Sad that she couldn't "Cut it up."
Happy helper!
Myke top and Ryan(and Maylie) bottom.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Daddy/Daughter Weekend

While I was in Texas seeing Joey, May and Ry had a whole weekend all to themselves. They totally needed it. Maylie has been such a Momma's girl since she stayed with me in St. George when Ryan had to move up here to start his job. Here's what they did all weekend:

They went to the dinosaur museum.
With the Swindlehursts.

And rode bikes.

 They had lots of fun. Little girl is still a Momma's girl, but she has been asking for Dad more since I've been home. I'd say Daddy/Daughter weekend was a success.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

This is Us.

My awesome sister-in-law, Riki, agreed to take some family photos for us. We drove up the canyon, and it became pretty clear we were going to have a very small window of time before the sun went down. On top of that, Little Girl decided she wasn't really in the mood for picture taking. Luckily Rik caught a few good shots, but a good portion of the pics turned out like this:

Really cute, but very candid. But I love it. Sure I'd love some perfectly posed photos of us to hang in our house and to send on Christmas cards, but I also love having ones like these that show EXACTLY how our lives right now.
 Thanks Rik for putting up with us and taking these. You're the best!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Maylie Monday: The Cleaner

Let me be clear: I am not a cleaner. That's not to say that I don't clean, it's that cleaning isn't second nature to me. I wait until my house NEEDS to be clean. I wait until we are out of clothes to do laundry. I wait to wash my car until Ryan makes me. I hate to clean, but Maylie loves to clean. Every time I turn on the vacuum, Maylie runs to me and begs to let her do it. She will say, "May May's turn" or "I do it." I hope it sticks. Then maybe she will continue to clean for me through her teenage years :)

Saturday, October 12, 2013

El Paso

It is really rare when the four of us can spend some time just together. This is understable. Joey lives in Texas. We live in Utah, and we have a family which always makes things more difficult. But my brother graduated from a specialty school in the Army, and we wanted to come down to visit and celebrate with him. However, tickets were super expensive, so it became more feasible for just me to come and for Ryan and Maylie to have a daddy/daughter weekend.

I definitely have missed my cute little family, but it has been nice to spend some time with my brother and parents without having to worry about if May is sleepy, or hungry, or bored.

Joey has been showing us El Paso, and we have eaten so much that I am not planning on eating for days when I get back. Here's a few pictures from the trip so far:

We took a tram up the Franklin mountain and could see all of El Paso and Juarez.

Dad and I got these sweet "Fiat" glasses for filling out a survey. 
This trip has been a lot of fun, but I can't wait to get back to my sweet little girl and hubby!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Maylie Monday: The Queen

On our way home from Mesquite this weekend, we decided to stop and grab some food in Cedar. We decided to get out of the car to give May a little break. When we sat down, Ryan assembled Maylie's crown from her meal. She was way excited to wear it, so excited that she decided Ryan and I needed to wear them too. There were plenty of crowns set up around the restaurant so we put them on and we were not allowed to take them off until she said so. It was pretty cute, and we looked pretty silly. But, hey, that's parenting right?

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Two Years in the Making

I know I usually use this blog for posting pictures of our little family, but I am just too happy with this to not share it somewhere!! I found this picture on Pinterest almost two years ago (original link no longer works):

I loved it and wanted to create something similar to it, but it has taken me this long to finish it! I lucked into the cabinet doors, and I found all the frames at DI. I painted them all, roughed them up, and stuck my pictures in them. I then used my Silouette Cameo to cut out the vinyl on the cabinets, and this is where I quit for awhile. I was running low on vinyl, so I hung my frames and it sat on our bedroom wall like that until we moved.

But we just got settled into our new apartment, and we bought lots of vinyl. So I decided it was time to finish my collage. Here's the final product:

I really love it. Our room is much smaller than our last one so it looks a little cluttered, but I kind of dig that. But since it took me so long to finish it, my photos are way out of date (Maylie is six months old in the most recent ones)! Guess it's time for some new family photos!