Monday, September 9, 2013

Maylie Monday: The Zoo

Okay, so this post isn't ALL about Maylie, but it's mostly about her, so I'm going to say it'll do for Maylie Monday.

My parents came into town this weekend for mine and my dad's birthday (fun fact: they are back-to-back). Anyway, we decided to take Little Girl to the Hogel Zoo in Salt Lake. The morning of, May decided she wasn't going to be in the best of moods. I kept asking, "May do you want to go to the zoo?!?" In an effort to get her excited and to cooperate with getting ready. She would just say, "No," and go back to whatever she was doing. So then I would try again, "May don't you want to see the animals?" And she again gave me the same reply.

I was shocked. I was sure she would be stoked to go see a ton of different animals. Eventually we did get her in the car, and we did make it to the zoo. Turns out May did love the zoo, she just didn't feel like cooperating that morning. Here's the photos from our day:

The monkeys were probably one of her favs.
She was a little scared of this gorilla at first. She wouldn't get close to it.
Checking out the bird.
Dancing at the bird show.
With the bald eagle.
Papa took her on the carousal.
All smiles!
Checking out the tiger with Papa!
May loved the water animals.

Thanks Mom and Dad for coming to visit! We had a blast, and we miss you already! Come back soon!

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