Monday, September 2, 2013

Maylie Monday: Daddy's Cheerleader

Ryan has been playing city league softball with some guys from his work. Maylie and I try to go to games that aren't past little girl's bedtime.

Maylie loves the games. Mostly because she gets to see Nani and Grandad's puppy, "Kowo," and she gets to run around with all the other little kids. She has taken a particular liking to one kid who tries to evade her the entire game. I secretly think he likes it though.

Every so often she gets interested in the game for a minute and watches her dad and Grandad play, but mostly she just plays around the whole time.

Watching a game with Aunt Niki

Giving Daddy kisses while he waits to bat.

Dad and Grandad cheering May on as she runs to home plate. 

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