Thursday, August 29, 2013

Back to Biking

Before Ryan moved to St. George, he had this hobby of downhill mountain biking. Small problem with St. George, no place to do this particular hobby. So he kinda put it on hold. Now that we’re back in Provo, he decided to trade one of his guns for a bike. He has been so excited to get back into biking!

He asked me to drive him up Provo Canyon and drop him off. Here’s some photos from our little adventure today:

I am still stunned by this beautiful new place we live in!

Maylie was doing yoga.

New bike and new gear.

Kisses for Daddy!

He actually beat us to the bottom! He was one sweaty, but happy guy!

The Jeep overheated (oops), and it took us awhile to get it up and running afterward, but overall I’d say Ryan’s first ride on his new bike was a success!

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