Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hello, Terrible Twos.

Can you believe this girl turned two last week?
Me neither. 

But let me tell you, this girl sure acts like a two year old.

Here's some things that are new to me as a parent of a Terrible Two:

~Maylie is little miss independent. "I do it!" Is her new fav. phrase. She points her finger at me when she says it too, so I know she means business. She even was talking in her sleep last night repeating, "I do it! I do it!" over and over. Must be frustrating to be little.

~She says, "No, Daddy/Mommy" or "Stop it" when she feels our behavior is out of line. Like when I insist she hold my hand while crossing the street. Clearly my bad.

~And though she hates to hold my hand while crossing the street, she loves to hold it when I am driving my stick shift car. She will also shout loudly, "Hand! Hand!" until I cave. Shifting with my left hand and steering simultaneously has become my newest talent.

~We have tantrums. Mostly May, but every so often I have one too.

And even though she is definitely turning into an opinionated and feisty little girl, her growing up gives me some of the sweetest moments like these:

~May will say, "color piture," when she wants to color.

~She runs fast. Clunky and clumsy, but fast. I have never smiled harder than while watching run around lately.

~When she wants me to pick her up she says, "Hold you." As if she were the one picking me up. And she gives hugs and kisses on demand now... Mostly.

Little girl has been thrown out of her routine entirely. We are up in the air trying to find a new place to live and 90% of our belongings are in storage (aka Grannie's garage), and we are spending way too much time in the car for an active toddler. And whether or not Maylie's attitude change is just due to life being a little unpredictable, turning two, or a little of both I still am grateful to be this little girl's mommy. 


  1. Just wait until she turns 3! :) She is such a cutie!