Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I should have known.

I should have known.
I should have known yesterday was going to be one of those days.
I'll just start from the beginning to best illustrate the kind of day we had.

We have one of those coil stoves, you know, the kind you never clean (okay... I never clean). I mean, honestly! Who has time for that? So anyway, I was scrambling an egg for Miss May, when it starts to get a little smoky. Not set-the-fire-alarm-off smoky, but a little hazy. So I turned on the fan (I also never use) and opened the back door. When suddenly a wasp flew into our house. I seriously have not even seen a wasp in the several years I have lived in St. George, but whatever. Now I'm sure you can imagine me balancing on my kitchen table with a rolled up magazine trying to kill the bugger before he could sting Maylie. I've been stung by a wasp ONE TIME, and it was traumatic enough I was not about to let it get little girl--even though she found the whole thing hysterical. 

That should have been my warning to give up on the day. I seriously think it was an omen. But no, I just had to go to class. At which point I realized I hadn't seen my keys in days. Ryan has my spare on his key ring, so we had just been using his all weekend. And my keys were no where to be found. They weren't in Maylie's toy box. They weren't folded up in the hide-a-bed. They weren't in any one of the purses I have used in the last two years. Nowhere. 

Luckily, my sweet husband agreed to come home early so I could take his keys instead! Great! So I go to class, and think my troubles are behind me! My keys will show up. Wrong. 

I get out of class, and head down to the Jeep (Which I took instead since my sweet husband asked if he could polish the headlights on my car while I was at class). I get to the Jeep, dig through my purse, and guess what? No keys. Guess how many times I checked before I gave up and called Ryan... Probably about 8 or 9 times. 

So then my sweet husband drives down to the college and spends two hours trying to break into his own vehicle. Whoops. Maylie was very patient, but Dixie has a fountain and she really NEEDED to see it. So we went and spent about thirty minutes of the two hours enjoying the fountain. Until IT showed up. You guessed it, a wasp. Seriously? Out to get me I tell you. 

We weren't able to get into the car. So Ryan just drove us home, and he was not even mad at me. Okay... I'm sure he was mad, or frustrated, or something, but he did not even show it. We got home and he went upstairs, and after 30 seconds he came down with my car keys in hand. Apparently they were in a bag of clothes I had needed last Saturday. Whoops again. His keys ended up being on the floor of his BACK seat. No clue how that happened.

But even though yesterday was a total disaster, I noticed something really cool about my little family. Even under crappy circumstances, we don't let it get to us. Little May still just wanted to smell the flowers and look at the water. I just laughed, mostly because I was uncomfortable because the whole thing was my fault, but I still laughed. And Ryan, who deserved to be the most frustrated, just showed how willing he is to serve and take care of me and Maylie and how happy he is to do it. We are pretty blessed. 

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