Friday, May 31, 2013

A Belated Honeymoon

So I FINALLY got my camera back from my parent's house. I can't believe I forgot it there, at least I didn't leave it in Mexico right?? Well I took 149 pictures while we there, but I didn't think you guys would want to see every single one of them. So these are my favorites. Sorry in advance for the super long post, it was just hard to narrow them down!!
We were on one of the prettiest beaches ever!! I could have just laid here the entire trip and been happy!

Hanging out in the lobby.

The resort did shows every night. One night they asked me to get up and play a game that I failed miserably at. We had to do everything the opposite of the guy in charge. WAY harder than it looks

Tulum One day we went a visited the Mayan ruins in. It was way cool to see, but it was insanely hot!

And the beach behind the ruins was beautiful! And the breeze saved us a little from the heat.

That same day we went to the Xel-Ha park I talked about in my last post! It was a LONG day, so we took naps in hammocks.

I mean, how could you not relax with views like this??
This is a boat that was turned into an aquatic viewing center, kinda neat.
These are the fishes we saw under the boat!
I wish my hair would look like this all the time! We need to move somewhere with some humidity!
More of Xel-Ha
We spent a good portion of the trip eating yummy food!
And we danced with the performers.
They even got Ryan up there!
And more delicious food!
 Overall the trip was a total success! We had a blast, got to relax, and just spent some uninterrupted time together! So great!! Thanks to our parents for watching our little girl and making this trip possible!! We love you guys!!

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