Sunday, April 7, 2013

Meet the Stephens

So we have these friends. And we really like them. Like, spend nearly every night at their house, like them. 
We have bbq's, and play board games (it's like we're old and married or something), and sometimes we even let the boys play Xbox. 
We just like them. They're just the best.

This is their little man, Gage. Maylie and him are buds.
The babies love to stand in this window and watch the doggies and their daddy's
They even take baths together. How cute is that?

 I don't have any pictures of US hanging out, but really the babies are way cuter than us anyways.

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  1. We had some friends like that in college. We had our first babies close together. They moved out to Wisconsin within a few months of us moving to the Midwest and we have reconnected, both of us with 4 kids now. Still so fun to hang with them! Love good friends!