Sunday, March 10, 2013


It was time for an update. For the blog and for us!

While I was editing some pictures to put up here earlier today, Ry said, "I'm not obsessed with Funnyjunk anymore. You should change your blog to say I'm obsessed with Reddit now."

It took me a sec. to realize he was referencing this post I did for his birthday in 2011. (Have I seriously had this blog since 2011?? The heck.)

Anyway, after updating the look of the blog, I thought it probably was a good idea to give a quick update on what's going on in our little life!

Miss Maylie:

  1. She is talking up a storm! Seriously. She is acting like a little kid now! It's so, so fun! But I do miss my little baby girl.
  2. She is starting to get some 'tude. With all that talking comes opinions, and with opinions come quite a few disagreements. We're learning how to communicate with her better so she understands why things don't always go her way, but man can she throw a fit.
  3. She goes to daycare a few days a week! So she loves to play with other kids.
  4. She's a Momma's girl (sorry Ry). It's probably just a phase, but it sure makes me smile when she  just wants her "mommy."
  5. She loves to facetime her Uncle Joey, who she has called "Jo Jo" up until today!
  1. He's mildly obsessed with Reddit now (there ya go Ry :).
  2. He just recently decided to take up calligraphy, which makes total sense since his handwriting has always been 1000 times better than mine.
  3. He graduates this May!! Whoo hoo!!
  4. He was really (REALLY) excited for the Cool Ranch Doritos Locos tacos... We had to go the first day they came out.
  5. He hates having to part his hair for work, but he actually looks really cute.
  1. I went back to full-time school this year, and I am surprised at how much I love it.
  2. I also went back to work at Fabulous Freddy's. It's nice to have two sources of income again, but I do miss being at home with our little girl.
  3. I have been writing nearly every day. Not that you would know it from this sad blog. 
  4. I cook a lot more frequently than I ever have before! I really like it! And I'm not too shabby at it either!
  5. I've gotten pretty decent at Zombies on COD, though I only like the Green Run map.
That's us in a nutshell for now! Hopefully we'll have some exciting things happen so I'm motivated to update the blog more often! :)

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