Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Wet & Wild

Ry and I are really lucky. Like super lucky. Blessed is probably a better word for it. We have lots of awesome family and friends that make it possible for us to do things without Maylie around. Now that kind of sounds bad, I know. However, any young family will tell you how hard it can be going from a duo to a trio. Babies are wonderful.  They bring so much love and happiness into your lives you never knew existed… But they also take like 99% of your time and attention, which doesn’t often leave a lot of time to be a couple. Which is where our awesome family and friends come in. We have had lots of little trips and nights away together, and thanks to the Swindlehurst’s we were able to go to Lake Powell this last weekend! I had never been and I love the water, so needless to say I was stoked!
Ry and I could only go for a day and a half, but the Chamberlin’s were super sweet to let us tag along on their trip. We had a blast and definitely enjoyed a little baby-free time! Here’s our quick trip to Lake Powell:

Rik and I in our super cute new swim suits.

He's a stud.

And a show-off :)

He was a little wore out from wake-boarding

Riki was pretty good too.

I did get up my first time ever wake-boarding.

But mostly I spent my time like this.

And this.

And then Kali got up and put all of us to shame.

Then they built a super-sized slip and slide.

Which looks WAY fun, but it was also slightly painful.

We went cliff jumping... I'm not sure what I'm doing here, but at least I jumped right?

He has a death wish, I swear.

Isn't he so handsome?

Apparently my husband loves to roll rocks. Like a lot. He had been trying to find a good one all day long, and finally he settled on this bad boy.



Ry's battle wounds.

This climb was a little disappointing, at least it made for a cool pic.

Now if only I had cute toes like these girls.

Love these two.    


  1. You beat me to this post!!! dang you. But it's super cute and I super love your guts like whoa.

    1. Only because I beat you home by several days :)

  2. Kay...I'm obsessed with your swim-suit..and your hot bod...but that's beside the point; your suit is adorbs!
    Secondly, I might have almost cried when Rik posted a pic on instagram of all you gals in your cute suits with your cute bods at my favorite vacation spot on the planet...and I just rubbed my giant belly and told myself I used to look kind of like that too :). Haha. Love you! Looks like you guys had a blast!

    1. Aubz, I seriously was thinking anytime we were taking girl photos, "We need Aubree!!" You're bounce right back, you're all baby anyway!
      Oh and the swim suit is just from DownEast by the way. It's like my first real one piece ever, and I'm obsessed with it.
      Love you! Wish you could have come, next time for sure :)