Thursday, July 26, 2012


It never fails that I am never, ever the first one to post about anything. And I'm seriously incapable of being clever or funny, like some other bloggers I read (*cough, cough* Riki *cough, cough*). So most of the time I really reconsider even posting a blog if it has already been posted about. BUT... Since I have lots of family who don't read the rest of the Laws' blogs, I decided I would go ahead and write a sad, little, inferior post about the Laws' family reunion.

Ryan, Maylie, and I were planning on driving up on Wednesday morning, but as luck would have it, Ry got a job Tuesday night which kept him from going at all. Which left me going to my first Laws' reunion... Alone. Now, this may not sound intimidating ,or scary, or just plain crazy to most. However, I have CRAZY in-laws. Amazing, but crazy. But you know what, I am so glad I went! In all seriousness, I married into an awesome family, and I had a blast at the reunion.

Here are the very few photos I took while we were there:

Playing with the swamp cooler. 

Props to Logan for getting May to sit still and actually sleep! Imagine that!

Going for a stroll through Yellowstone.

Shooting a potato gun!

Playing on the tramp with Grandad.

May was cracking up at Kyle's 'stache. Don't they look good with a baby??

Everyone in all their glory, dressed up as Granny and Grandad back in the day. So funny.

Seriously it was so much fun! Miss May was a trooper and was loving all the attention and having lots of other little kids to play with! Thanks Q for putting together a killer reunion! We had a blast.

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