Monday, June 11, 2012

Hello, San Diego!

Phone call from Ryan around 5 pm on Friday:
Ryan- Hey, would you want to go to San Diego with me?
Me- Well, uh, yeah.
Ryan- Okay, do you think your parents would watch Maylie?
Me- Most likely. I'll call them.
Ryan- Great, I'll meet you at home and we will go.

Ok... So those probably weren't our exact words, but it was a very short conversation and very close to that. And within an hour we were on the road headed to a weekend alone together. Which was very much needed. 

Here's some of our weekend caught on camera:

I was like a little kid in Sea World, I had to take pictures of all the animals.

Ryan was braver than me, he fed them too.

Piranha, it's a piranha!

Ryan didn't like the flamingos, but he fed them anyway.



Ryan about to fail at hitting a balloon.

Me totally succeeding at hitting a balloon.

Serious concentration=Tongue out... Ryan 1/4 frogs

Kaylyn 3/4 frogs

After a very long, but awesome day, with all of the prizes I won for May.

The only picture we managed to get together all weekend, at least it was a good one.

Unfortunately, the weather didn't really allow for much beach time, but it was such a blast and so nice to spend some quality time together. We are so lucky that our little girl has grandparents that are so crazy about her so we can sneak away occasionally!

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