Thursday, October 27, 2011

Getting Crafty!

About once a week, Ryan and I break down and clean our house really well. Which means I get a beautifully vacuumed home. You see, I loathe vacuuming. So it never gets done during the week. But when Ryan has the time he always does it for me. I love the perfectly straight lines he makes a special effort to create, but for some reason a clean floor screams to be covered in itty-bitty scraps of paper, glue residue, and spare buttons. Naturally, I am quick to oblige. I break out all my craft supplies and begin to work on my current project.
I have always loved to scrapbook, but this year I have had a new desire to make or decorate things, I chalk this up to nesting. Most pregnant women clean incessantly, but oh no, not me. I decide to make things! While pregnant I made a good amount of Maylie's room decor:

And even now that I am no longer pregnant, I still have this desire to make things. Here's a few of the crafty things I've been up to lately:

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

May Baby is Mobile!

Earlier today I noticed Maylie jabbering to herself in her crib, so I went to pick her up. When I looked down into her crib she was laying on her back starring up at me. This could be normal, but Maylie sleeps on her tummy. Conclusion: She had to have rolled over. I then proceeded to pull her out of her crib and lay her down on a blanket for some tummy time. Almost instantly she tilted her little head and rolled right over onto her back! She did this a few more times, but by the time Daddy got home I had wore her out, so she wouldn't show him her new trick.

She's growing so fast! Look out world; Miss May is mobile!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Lucky to be Loved

It's the best thing in the world to be surrounded by family and friends. We have been so lucky in the last few weeks to have so many of our loved ones visit us, or invite us to visit them. 

First, we were able to go to Provo two weekends in a row. Okay, that's a ton of driving, but it was so worth it to be with some of our favorite people! (Sorry for stealing the pics Riki!)

Then my awesome friend Madi, who is still referred to as "my roommate," even though it's been almost two years since we've lived together, came to visit us. A funny fact about Madi: she does not like babies. But for some reason she was loving Miss Maylie. I wish I had a photo of them together, but I do have this adorable one Madi took of May.

Next my aunt Tera and her husband Jeff were in Las Vegas, so they drove to Mesquite to have dinner with us and to meet Maylie. They were pros and getting her to sleep and calming her down.

After that, my Mimi came all the way from Florida to meet Maylie! She was so awesome with her. I think the only times she wasn't holding her was for feedings and after bedtime. And naturally I failed to take any pictures, so those will be added as soon as I get some from Mimi, who was totally on top of it.

And to top it all off, we spent a wonderful weekend in Mesquite with my parents. I think my mom was a little bummed she had to forfeit her time with Maylie to share with Mimi, so we drove down to give Momma her Maylie fix. Which worked great for us, because that meant we got to have some "grown-up" time. Doing things like:

Bowling. (I hate to lose, especially when there's a bet involved. Meaning I have to cook or eat WHATEVER Ryan wants for a whole week. Hello Taco Bell.)

Drinking Starbucks.

And eating ice-cream.

Total grown-up things, right?

We're so blessed to have family and friends who are crazy about Maylie, otherwise we'd probably never see anyone ;)