Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Our Big Little Girl

Maylie's two month check-up was yesterday, wait... Has is seriously been two months?

As cliche as it sounds, I cannot believe how fast life has flown since we brought Miss May home.

It seems like I was just learning how to change her diaper. Or Ry and I were struggling to dress her for the first time. When I still needed two hands to do everything, and we were both up all night baffled by what she could possibly need at 2 am. But since those first few days of complete confusion, we've started to figure things out. We can successfully feed, bathe, clothe, and diaper our munchkin, with little or no complication. 

And some pretty big things have happened in these last couple months. Maylie started to smile, and sometimes (though unsuccessful) she tries to laugh. She took her very first vacation and plane ride to Georgia, where my family was just loving her.

She is still attempting to scoot and crawl, though she doesn't seem the least bit interested in rolling over.

On most days, it's easy to pass her off to Ryan, my mom, or anyone (who I know has washed their hands). Or to be so focused on making sure she learns to fall asleep on her own. But on days like these, all I want to do is cuddle my beautiful little girl. 'Cause I remember, she's never going to be this little again.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Just in Case you Missed it...

2011 was kind of a big year for us. 

We got engaged... (Ok this happened like 5 days before 2011.)

We got hitched...

And we started our family with this little precious bundle of joy...

This has been a year full of blessings and time moving far too quickly. And no matter how truly wonderful our adventure has been, I know it is only the beginning of our little Laws life.